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My name is Markus. I'm a hobby artist from Germany, born in 1989. I make art as long as I can think, but since 2007 I create art with the intention to become better. Before I drew just for fun, what I still do, just, like I said, with the intention to become better at it.

Sadly I got an art blockade at the end of 2010, which I only could break in 2018. I still did artworks at that time, just not as much or that good. I still try to become better at my skills and my big

dream is to live from my art.

My style is influenced mostly by anime, but I try to simplify my

drawings, inspired by cartoons and comics. At the same time I try to

make my art a bit (just really a bit) more realistic, to get a little away,

from that anime style I'm used to, for the longest time. Also, my artworks

are mostly colorful, because I like all the colors. (especially purple,

violet and pink)

Maybe you suspected it, I'm still learning so nothing's perfect, I make

mistake and sometimes stupidly ugly stuff. (like the grass I paint, I just

can't get it right)

TL;DR: I'm an artist, who is still learning.

On this site, you'll find (almost) all of my artworks, just not the really old stuff.

Just for your information, the comments are for the entire site and are all the same for all pages.

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